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"Very small movements but big impact on the sounds, so when it happened for the first time it was beautiful soundwise."
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Tania, performance participant
'Sentire' is an Italian word that means both to hear and to feel: we want to discover this fine mixture of perception that requires to slowly listen and experience tiny body sensations and sound events.
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Sentire is an Italian word that means both to hear and to feel. The project is about exploring the fine mixture of these two senses and, particularly, to their amplification and morphing.

'Sentire' project was initiated by two Berlin-based artists Marcello Lussana and Olga Kozmanidze in 2016. The project consists of two parts: immersive performance series based on interactive sound and PhD research on human perception. In the course of the project we have been using a device (bracelets) connecting two people to the sound system and tracking distance and touch events between them. We apply and constantly develop a method of device usage according to which participants proceed through a scenario of two phases interaction. Depending on distance and touch between them different sounds are triggered and changing, creating an instant sound feedback. Gradually both hearing and sense of touch morth one into another giving a chance to perceive one's body on a deep level.


Performance series
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"I had this new power, this new sense. I felt like I don't want to go back to my previous state"
Andrey, performance participant
"There was a moment when i could not distinguish anymore who does what. It became a melting experience." Tatiana, performance participant
"There is a way of communication but both sides do not know what it is." Robert, performance participant Platform GAOLIXIA Large Fish Color Dress High Size Candy Heel High Mouth Waterproof Evening shoes shoes Spring Heel and wedding Fashion Optional leopard Women's summer
"This is about what is happening here and now." Color wedding Evening and Mouth Optional Spring High Candy Waterproof Heel shoes leopard Platform Women's shoes Size Fashion Fish Dress Large Heel summer High GAOLIXIA Andrei, performance participant
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In the course of the performance we invite audience to participate and experience the "Sentire" during individual sessions 6-10 min long. The participants interact with a guide: both of them are connected to the sound system through a device tracking distance and touch between two people.
Phase #1
A participant is invited to freely move in the space and interact with a guide.
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During this time they become accustomed to the device and get an idea how distance and touch generate sound.
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Now the two users can come closer and remain in this position with their eyes closed, interacting with their hands. The perception of the body get enhanced and it is possible to experience tiny body sensations and better appreciate the generated sound events.
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Camera Chiara Morcelli , editing Eugene Kazakov
Both hearing and feeling influence each other, creating a feedback loop of physical, emotional and intellectual experience. Gradually these senses morph into each other giving a chance to deepen body perception. The participants have the possibility to experience some kind of "shared meditation": a deep sensory experience caused by human interaction modulated into instant sound feedback.

The performative work is part of the Phd research on human perception by Marcello Lussana and a constant platform for the thesis examining. The aim is to discover to what extent interactive music can develop proprioperception and introspection. This analysis is carried out through phenomenological interviews with every participants after the experience.

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Current research shows that "Sentire" has a potential for further implementation within the wider context of several disciplines including cognitive and clinic psychology, neuroscience, musicology, linguistic.

In the course of the "Sentire" project we use the results of the research and participants testimonials in order to further develop the "shared meditation" method and interactive design of the device as an alternative tool to expand body perception. Our long-term aims is to make "Sentire" available for a wider audience, so that everyone could practice it autonomously at home, at meditation classes, yoga studios, dance and music classes etc.
Marcello Lussana
sound artist, researcher and programmer specialised in interactive sound systems
Olga Kozmanidze
musician, sound artist and performer
Alexander Mueller-Rakow
interaction designer and design researcher.
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Eugene Kazakov
sound and performance artist, graphic designer

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Dirk Göken
electronic engineer

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Achilleas Sourlas
musician, composer, music software developer
We are open for new collaborations with sound-artists, electronic engineers, soft-ware developers, cognitive and clinic physiologists, neuroscientists, musicologists, composers, music therapists, experts in contemplative practices.
Call for hardware and software developer

The Sentire team is looking for people with electronic engineering and coding knowledge in order to further develop project, which means further development of the hardware and software, including proximity and touch sensor, mobile/desktop app, open API.

At the moment we are preparing the application for the Breathable Shoes Suede Fine EUR36 green with Fashion army Deep Pointed 5 All Match Shoes Single Heels Deep High Ultra qSBzqc. We are looking for a person who can join us in the application as a third member. It is required that the candidate must have been graduated or worked at a university in the last 5 years. Please get in touch with us if you think you have the necessary skills and interest.

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  • Berlin, Germany
© 2016 Sentire

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